When you reach the end of your life and you look back, will you be able to say that you have given it everything?

Have you lived a life of real meaning and depth?

Have you walked your own path and spent your valuable time in the right places and with the right people?

Inspired seminars WILL inspire you.

Craig and his astounding team will enrich the lives of every single person that attends any of our life learning experiences.

You will discover your own purpose, your being, your soul, love and happiness!

What drives, motivates, captures you?

You will realise your goals, dreams and achievements, you'll finally have a plan.

We guarantee you'll have a phenominal time with us!

We promise high energy learning experiences that will captivate you and find that inspiration to empower you to improve the quality of your life.

We run seminars, webinars, masterclasses and International journeys, join us!

Every single one of us are meant to shine. My biggest gift is seeing people empower themselves to uncover what makes them truly amazing - to inspire people to be better than they ever thought possible

Craig Goldblatt

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality

John Lennon

Our Heart

Our Heart - an open chamber - free to give, to love, cherish experience, feel, to express its beautiful energy, it yearns to flow and create.

Our Mind - a calculating genius - it wants to decide, decipher, correct, focus, it wants to push and pull. It wants to direct and produce it wants to mix, mingle, confuse, point and of course judge.

We were born as an open heart, clear space to breath, we were free from obstruction to really move and stretch. We grew so much expanded with ease. We could see, feel, express, change, develop and embrace.

From baby to a little child, our youngest years went by, we then placed a layer of cloth over our heart, as a teenager, so more clothes were wrapped around and arround the the heart. A strong young adult developed and the layers slowly became fixed in place. As an adult more wise and deliberate, a heavier winter blanket covered the front of the heart. Then some rugs lay over the blanket numbing down the enthralling beats that once rebounded around our body.

As the layers thickened, we could no longer feel and express as much. We then had no choice but to turn to our mind for help.

The mind now has to survive almost by itself. It quickly becomes lost in a huge sea of decisions. Without our ability to feel and truly love, our mind turns to everyone else for guidance and takes on many views of logic, false and greedy opinion. It becomes confused. So many judgments, the mind is left to try to swim through this ever growing strom.

Eventually we are completely lead by others, we become the controlled. We no longer feel like a child, the dance has slowed to a walk and then even a dull shuffle.

In order to once again find our centre, our sun rise, our beat, our rhythm, our love, happiness, desires, our song, we truly must:

Be with nature,
With children,
With the birds
To open our hearts once again
To breath,
Hug, hold each other,
Love everything and everyone.
Meditate, feel the beat of the earths drum.

The layers of pain will then be destoyed, ripped into a million pieces and once again we will feel, really feel, be alive, powerful beyond measure, free, true, open to explore who we really are, a child of the universe, a beating soul once again that sings so loud and clear.

Once again our heart will be the wind in our sails and our mind the rudder that chooses the path on our never ending magnificent journey.

With love and light.


Inspired Seminars

LONDON - 2 hour events

The most incredible 2 hours! In this high energy, entertaining and emotional fun filled life learning seminar, our lead international speaker Craig Goldblatt will test and challenge you to look at the core of your own self, to draw out both your fears and courage and to live life to the full with a great deal of passion and integrity. Unmissable and guaranteed to have you out of your seat. This is not your usual seminar! Click the link next to a good date for you and find out more.

Inspired Masterclass

LONDON - 1 day events

Want to improve your relationships, your career? Is life just one big rush and you fire fight from one thing to the next? We all get swept up in work and home to the point where our mental and physical health suffers. Our one day Masterclasses are designed to bring you purpose and clarity. Really improve the quality of your life.

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"Craig has the natural ability to engage with people in a manner that not only motivates, but helps them to identify the greater meaning in all that they do."

Sarah Hopwood,
motivational speaker

"Craig generated huge energy in the room...
No one could help but be affected by his passion and focus on giving the audience as much value as possible."

Lawrence Mohiuddine,
Managing Partner, Maris


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